Validating game resources

EDIT: I tried to reinstall all that stuff and it still does not work, and i tested half life again and it fails yeah. Hello, i have a problem with HL1 (and other mods, CS, DOD, Natural Selection etc...). But when i start a new game, or joining a multiplayer's server the loading screen crashed on this message "Validating Game resources".

(The outdated old Indie Resources is still available here).

v pohode fičalo a aj fičí, ale nejde mi CSko 1.6 ...

(If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.) One night you decide you have had enough and you try to quit.

Ce dernier peut galement vous proposer d'installer des utilitaires ou des offres commerciales, en option.

mi predtym isli - vsetky som vyskusal - nejde vyskusal som pockat na update ,potom som dal restart steam - takisto nepomohlo samozrejme aj restart PC som skusil Moj problém vyzera takto : Ked sa dam pripajat na dak yserver, zapne sa mi kanter, otvori sa ta tabulka kde zvykne pisat take jak precaching resources a atď ale nikdy sa to nedostane dalej,vždy to skonci na ,,validating game resources,, skusal som pockat aj pol hodinu..nič skusal som z toho robit screenshot ale neslo cez prt scr a malovani, tak som skusil fraps a tiez nesiel .....

ale raz sa mi neviem ako podarilo spravit sice trocha do*e*aný ,ale aspon pre vas viditelny screenshot (111111.

Or you can try this: in the game you just have to create a new game before you go to find servers , when the game is started (you have created your own server ) , you just have to close that server , and then you may enter on the online servers you want .

Server operators that manually set their master servers (we recommend against this practice however) please use "" to refer to them instead of the IPs directly. If you haven't gotten the problem fixed yet, you may need to set up a DEP exception.

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