Validating non validating parser xml

Parsers convert that code into something the hardware will recognize and be able to work with.

Expat (formerly called xmltok) is being used to add support for XML to Netscape Navigator 5 and Perl.

Expat aims to be a fully conforming XML 1.0 parser and is written in C.

Without a parser, the XML code cannot be understood.

Because computers require instruction on how they should operate, an XML parser is inportant. When you open Firefox or Internet Explorer, or any other web browser, the program supplies the parser for you without you needing to do anything other than launch the browser software. It is the software that turns all the different languages into a workable format.

Hop over to the next chapter to get a close-up of escape characters and CDATA.

An XML parser is the component that deciphers the XML code.

The next chapter will acquaint you with the basic concepts of escape characters for XML and what is CDATA..

The chapter will further elucidate how parsing is different for CDATA.

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