Validating postcodes php

The LDU, identified by the last three characters of the postal code, allows for a final sort within an FSA.

• Minimum of 6 characters The following pattern satisfy all-in-one for the ereg function:$pattern = "^([A-Za-z0-9\.|-|_])([@])";$pattern .="([A-Za-z0-9\.|-|_])(\.)([A-Za-z])$";ereg($pattern,$email) UK postcode validation.

We've used the expression put forward by tomas and jaik,but we found that it fails on Coventry (CV) postcodes.

"Beacause By "substring," it means the string contained within the parenthesis.

But in that statement it isn't so clearly With regards Amir Hossein Estakhrian Here a little clear and easy script that I wrote to validate an E-Mail Input.

In Rural Areas, the last three digits (LDU), together with the FSA, identify a specific Rural community.

First parameter of the method is the post code to validate.

Now, let’s look at the explanation of the regular expression inside the preg_match() to validate the postal code of Canada as specified by the above condition.

As you might know that a Perl compatible regular expression enclosed within “/” sign.

An optional parameter for limite the request to a province.

Canada and the United States share the same numbering plan, hence you can also call Validate_US::phone Number() Can allow only seven digit numbers.

Furthermore, the expression “[0-9]” represents that there should be one digit.

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