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The actual Spartacus, like this fictional version, led a rebellion against the Romans (the Third Servile War).While waiting for Whitfield's treatment and expected recovery, the network produced a six-part prequel, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, with only a brief uncredited voiceover from the actor.Whitfield himself describes Spartacus as having a dangerous edge, being "a beast with a heart" and concealing a fire that burns within. audiences, Whitfield has performed with acclaim in numerous Australian drama series, including "Mc Leods Daughters," "Packed to the Rafters," "The Strip" and "Out of the Blue." He starred as Gabriel, the archangel fighting to bring light to purgatory in Gabriel, a performance which earned him a best newcomer nomination at the Filmink Awards.

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Peak in your Performance: assisting and challenging individuals to be stimulated and successful in their professional and personal roles.

Stress management: finding a balance to make life more rewarding, at a pace that suits you. He had bad problems with his back, so we went to have a scan and it was then they discovered he had cancer.

The film was received with much critical acclaim from both the press and the public. --UPDATE: February 19, 2016-- 'Be Here Now’ will be in select theaters in New York on April 8 and in Los Angeles on April 15 - it is finally hitting theaters in larger part thanks to fans who funded the film on Kickstarter, making it the third most successful documentary campaign on the crowd-sourcing site.” The film will be available nationwide via Be Here Now and TUGG on April 15, 2016.

He appeared in several Australian television series, such as Opening Up, All Saints, The Strip, Packed to the Rafters, and Mc Leod's Daughters.

This man will be sadly missed by all and words cannot ease the pain that his loving family will be suffering fight now along with his friend. I imagine him in his armor fighting for the good of all of us left behind.

Long may his memory live on in all of our lives I am truly saddened by this loss and no amount of words could possibly make it easier for anyone. The phrase “Life Is Short” must only apply for the elite humans. He has left a gleaming legacy, for no one will ever be “Spartacus” like he was.The campaign was a huge success, with just over 0,000 raised in total funds!Please visit stay up-to-date with the film's progress.We were told he only had three months to live.” Vashti also talked about the promise he made to them.“I am going to go to sleep now as my body won’t work any more.“I’m receiving excellent care, and am feeling strong, positive and determined with an army of support behind me,” Whitfield said at the time.

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