Venus and mars dating

In Roman mythology, the two gods had an affair even though Venus was married to Vulcan, the god of fire.Mars sits with his elbow on his knee as he twists his muscular body to grab Venus by the shoulder.A fairly well balanced person will do a little of both AND participate in serious posts.

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The subject matter is sensual in nature, with Cupid nestling beside Venus' breast near a long-eared rabbit, a symbol of sexual excess.

The black and white birds down below seem to symbolize the lovers, Venus and an exhausted Mars asleep on the ground.

I have no doubt that you've seen plenty of posts that start with something like, "When he says _______, what does he REALLY mean? If I speak French and you speak Russian, we're both communicating. No in real life it is not like this at all, not in my experience.

Although I have noticed that there is a growing trend that is taking place, I’ve mentioned it before, it’s women being given wrong advice through books and articles a distorted picture is being painted about men in general.

On the other side some men are arming themselves with new found information and relationship gurus on how to seduce women on how to become an Alpha man, unfortunately what is happening is that these men are not becoming Alpha men confident but arrogant, not aloof but egotistical, we can thank the relationship gurus, the books, the articles I think that that is what we are seeing on some forums – in real life these Alpha wonabes are where they have always been standing near ladies toilets or sprawling themselves next to the bar checking out the merchandise and hoping to be noticed, the ill informed women are huddled together in a corner in the darkest spot that they can find.

But in essence nothing has changed to a great degree – it’s these ill informed men and women that somehow seem to find and bond with each other leaving the rest of us in peace.I have be on the side that it is mostly disgruntled posters reading the same thing day after day and that dating from real life is a better way to meet a SO.In truth most if not all posts begin nice and go directly to man against women and vice versa, or it that my imagination.And it's invariably guys who figure: women who won't date them just because of a 20 year age difference are shallow; women who won't date them just because they can't afford to buy a coffee are gold diggers; or women who won't date them just because their profile says that they hate women are judgemental.I can tell you, this is one of the worst boards I have seen, on average, based on general attitudes.I have seen forums for teenagers with better overall integrity. What you have to understand is that people have a wide range of attitudes, from very good, to very bad, and every level in between.

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