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By updating the phone, the user will be able to get the best signal possible, whether it is roaming or within a home tower's range.Users who are having trouble with the signal on their phone will often be asked to first update the phone to ensure that the problem is not coming from a poor signal.Once it has been updated for optimal service, a phone will work to its best capabilities.

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Today, what we see are two relatively ancient Windows Phone handsets—the Nokia Lumia 928 and Nokia Lumia 822—getting updated to Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 with Lumia Denim.

So if you're among the 7 or 8 people still using such a device, check for updates. But here's the official word from Microsoft, which I've reworded slightly for readability: "We work really closely with carriers like Verizon to make sure these upgrades for Windows Phones bring the best experience possible for customers.

They explain the various benefits of Windows Phone 8.1 with Update 1 and Lumia Denim, some of which actually debuted back in Windows Phone 8.1 in April for the rest of the planet. But don't worry, I'm sure they'll get you again with the Windows 10 upgrade. Well I went around Verizon last week to get 8.1 and I love it on this phone.

So of course this week they're making the upgrade available.

For more information on what is included in a carrier settings update, contact your carrier.

When a carrier setting update is available, you will be prompted to install it.

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.1 and subsequent updates, like Update 1 and the Lumia Denim firmware.


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