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But players are not downloading it in droves for the gameplay.Users from both Pakistan and India have been trading a volley of insults in the reviews.

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Many Pakistanis took to Twitter to voice their displeasure with the protesters.

Hashtags like #Islamabad Under Seige and #Teachingsof My Prophet trended with tweets that contained sadness, grief and sarcastic comments about the protesting "molvis" and "mullahs" (the words for cleric in Urdu that are used derisively as slang).

Since its release on June 5, Spy Pigeon: Secret Mission has averaged more than 300 downloads per day from Google Play Store.

Gamers all over the world, including India, have been sending pigeons into “enemy territory to conduct a highly sensitive secret spy mission.” Google Play Store currently lists 16 ‘spy pigeon’ games, all uploaded to the site just days after the Pakistani pigeon crossed the border.

“We thought it would be a fun joke amongst friends that would make the Indian army look more stupid than it already is,” said Muzammal.

Like most of the hastily created spy pigeon games, Spy Pigeon Bird Shooting has a rudimentary design.

Some, like Wisdom IT Solutions’ Spy Pigeon Bird Shooting rose through the charts faster than others: it has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Created by Atif Mahmood, Muzammal Hussain, Awais Amjad and Nabeel Akram in just 36 hours, the four software developers from Bahawalpur’s Islamia University saw it as on opportunity to ridicule India’s security forces.

This work can include animation, porting games to various devices, QA testing or designing DLC.

For example, it was Lahore-based Caramel Tech that handled the Android and Facebook ports of the i OS hit .

From protests against election rigging being turned into infinite runners to political cronyism being turned into a fighting game, these games from young Pakistani creators are using the medium to poke fun at politicians and public figures. Yet on the opposite end of things, there also exists a mainstream Pakistani game industry.


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