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A feed reader or "aggregator" program can be used to check feeds and to display new articles.Client-side readers may also be designed as standalone programs or as extensions to existing programs like web browsers.

While the RSS vocabulary has a mechanism to indicate a human language for the feed, there is no way to specify a language for individual items or text elements.

Atom, on the other hand, uses the standard xml:lang attribute to make it possible to specify a language context for every piece of human-readable content in the feed.

From a 5.8-inch OLED display, reports of wireless charging and even a 3D scanner for facial recognition, it's all here.

The name Atom applies to a pair of related Web standards.

Web-based feed readers and news aggregators require no software installation and make the user's "feeds" available on any computer with Web access.

Some aggregators syndicate (combine) web feeds into new feeds, e.g., taking all football-related items from several sports feeds and providing a new football feed.Data = Data["new"] = [{"_id":"58d32fd5f11b2c11a600018d","id":"2017/03/22/fbi-house-hearing-facial-recognition","title":"3 reasons to worry about the FBI's facial recognition program","title_tag":null,"author":"Colin Daileda","post_date":"2017-03-23T ","post_date_rfc":"Thu, 0000","formatted_date":"33 minutes ago","formatted_shares":"493","sort_key":"1CQSh X","link":" Kjbh70r BXU7b CP5p W57XZJpl M=/950x534/filters:quality(90)/https://blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/card/image/423337/6eaed087-b1e1-4fc7-8497-621a1aa44887.jpg","feature_image":" OVJPIUxfy1do Ey6dfy HEXB54=/1438x0/https://blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/story/thumbnail/40544/615dac6c-8072-4935-a0b8-c8fd6d178701.jpg","responsive_images":[,,,],"short_url":" Sy Avf","display_title":"3 reasons to worry about the FBI's facial recognition program","choice":false,"mash_debut":false,"weed_in_america":false,"spotlight":false,"shortcode_data":,"excerpt":"Lawmakers grilled the FBI in a hearing over its use of facial recognition software.A press release can be one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal whether you’re trying to reach journalists, prospects or both.However, without a head-turning headline, the message you so carefully crafted may never get noticed.Speakers: Dana Willhoit, CEO, The Press Release Site If your customers can’t find you online, they’re going to do business with the companies they can locate!Ben Trott, an advocate of the new format that became Atom, believed that RSS had limitations and flaws—such as lack of on-going innovation and its necessity to remain backward compatible— and that there were advantages to a fresh design.


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