Wechat explicit

Each Circle has a theme, for example, pet circle, digital product circle, campus circle…

I guess we better start watching what we post and share.

But fear not, there are enough non-sexual hilarious stickers going around on We Chat, check out our favorites here.

It’s a complex rating system based on user’s wealth, purchasing activities, ability to pay bills on time, education and many other financial metrics.

The equation to calculate this credit score is not transparent.

Here are a few clips from the concept video: The video instantly went viral and got millions of views. This week, we bring you a Walkthe Chat “mashup” of two great reports published by and Trust Data about We Chat and e-commerce in China.

Highlights are: The optimal posting time and days for We Chat are finally revealed! We Chat makes up for 20% of the time users spend daily on mobile APP’s Taobao still dominates the mobile …Alibaba was accused of gender discrimination, objectifying women, income discrimination and distribution of pornography.Of course, just like in the case of Uber and the US election, negative publicly may be the best form of free advertising.Despite the strong promotion budget, Ding Talk have 5 million register users by August 2016.The company has not announced its monthly active users.So, who are the largest accounts on Weibo, and how did they do it? Weibo as an e-commerce platform Everyone heard about We Chat Pay, We Chat shops …


  1. The term is also used more generally to characterize any type of exponential or non-exponential decay.

  2. He was known for his deft mashups, a blend of at least two songs.

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