What to do when dating an athlete

Don't get me wrong - this is my favorite player (no pun intended), but are they really interested in quality?

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“Every day is a challenge,” said Devariel, “just because we have such busy schedules.” For most couples who are faced with the task of balancing an athlete’s lifestyle, it’s hard to find time to spend alone.

According to Devariel, most of her alone time with De Jesus is spent eating or studying during the week.

However, most people don’t realize how much time football players spend preparing for game day, and how often they don’t get to see their significant others. to 6 p.m., while also setting aside the whole day before the game to prepare.

“We text more often than the normal couple probably does,” said Robbins. This can cause strain on a relationship, but Robbins and others have found ways to make it work.

Now, Devariel has a whole new appreciation for the baseball team and college athletes as a whole.

“It’s like a different perspective on college,” said Devariel.In the case of Devariel, she’s dating the person she loves, who just happens to be an athlete.“Dating [an athlete], you really just forget about it,” she said.“Dating an athlete has definitely been fun, I have gotten to know the whole team and they have welcomed me like I’m family,” said Robbins.She also loves being able to cheer him on from the stands with all of his friends and family.“Keep your head high and look at all the positives, because at the end of the day they are doing what they love most with the person they love most,” said Robbins.

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