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It can be frightening, especially if you’re the woman.

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If you want to take a swim or snooze for a while, your partner still has two other people to talk to and have fun.

Double dating on day trips can be more fun, and give you the peace and quiet of a romantic trip too.

You’d have company to cheer you on as you down a shooter, another couple to wink at while dancing, and safe company to look after you when you’re too drunk to drive back home.

[Read: How to network at a party] Little day trips Whether you’re trekking or camping, even luxuriating at a faraway resort spa or lazing at a fishing pond, there’s nothing better than going out with another couple.

Camping with your partner can seem cozy and romantic, but it doesn’t really feel safe.

And little day trips can be more fun when you have company to share the moments.[Read: What to talk about on a date] Friends and lovers When you spend time with friends, you’d never really feel like you’re getting to spend some romantic moments with your own lover.But when you’re on a double date, you get to socialize and spend time with a couple of friends and yet, feel like you’re on a real date at the same time.You can’t really explore the wilderness or the winding streets without the fear of losing your way or getting into trouble somewhere along the way. But by double dating on a vacation with another couple, you’d feel a lot more confident and safer lurking after dark or staying back at a party after dinner.And as a side note, snapping couple pictures can be so easy when you have company.Double dating isn’t really the rage, or even something that’s given its due.


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