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“And I don’t think that’s what she was trying to do.

I think she did a great job — she just chose a select group of people and told their personal experiences.” But Wolfe’s new business could be a rebuttal of the kind of culture that Sales claims dating apps typify; or if not a rebuttal, then at least a counterbalance.

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Whitney Wolfe is defending dating apps and hook-up culture.

“What do you think people do when they go out to bars on a Friday night? “While you’re in a bar you could meet the love of your life — but there’s a good chance you’re going to hear about someone going home for a one-night stand.

Own it.” Wolfe is a serial dating-app entrepreneur.

The 26-year old co-founded Tinder, and she has now brought us Bumble, a new dating app that is also predicated on left and right swipes but deals women the winning hand — men cannot initiate conversations.

She had been involved in a relationship with Justin Mateen, another executive who has since left the company, while working there, and its breakdown was pored over in the case. Online dating has prompted headlines again as a result of a Vanity Fair article, “Tinder and the dawn of the dating apocalypse”, by journalist Nancy Jo Sales, which ran in this month’s issue and predictably went viral on social media.

Tinder denied the claims; the issue was settled out of court with no admission of liability. It purported that so-nicknamed “hook-up apps” are proliferating a culture of misogyny, devaluing monogamy and might even be contributing to the increase of impotence in young men.

“I am so busy, focused just on Bumble, that I’m really not out schmoozing with the rest of the tech scene.” Besides, Bumble is based in Austin.

“My life is in Texas — I went to college in Texas, my mother lives in Texas, my best friends are here.” Can we still meet people IRL?

Not just straight men and women — we’re really trying right now, we have our heads down and we’re working tirelessly to ensure that we introduce an LGBTQ optimised version.” The Texas-based team is predominantly women — seven to one man — though the development team, which is based in London, has both male and female developers. “If a man and a woman walked into the room and applied for the same job I would not take the woman because she’s a woman and I would not take the man because he’s a man,” she insists.


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