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The Janoskians had scheduled a meet and greet at the Wet Seal store in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on 13 October 2013.The group expected only a few hundred people, but when thousands of fans arrived, the event was cancelled and the mall was evacuated.

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As of February 2015, the group's You Tube channel has over 1.8 million subscribers.

Aside from their original and main channel, "Janoskians," they have three additional channels where they regularly post videos: "Janoskians Blog," "Dare Sundays," and "Twin Talk Time." The Janoskians also credit Twitter and Facebook for their success; Each member of the group has over a million followers on Twitter, and all of them use it, along with Facebook, to regularly and directly interact with their fans.

On 22 February 2014, The Janoskians organised a meet-up in Times Square, New York.

20,000 fans arrived, hoping to meet the group to get autographs.

Their first single, "Set This World on Fire", co-written by Beau Brooks, was released in September 2012 on the Janoskians' You Tube channel, first as an audio file, and later with an "unofficial" video.

The Janoskians encouraged their fans to create their own videos for the song.

In late 2012, the group produced an eight-episode web show for MTV Australia titled The Janoskians: MTV Sessions.

The show was posted to MTV Australia's website over an 8-week period.

Adds another source: "Nate sends her flowers everyday." PHOTOS: Hollywood's hottest hookups Grande -- known to many fans as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon's -- was most recently linked to You Tube star Jai Brooks of the Janoskians.

They split in February but reunited shortly thereafter, only to break up again this summer.

The Janoskians had their first charting hit in 2012 with "Set This World on Fire" peaking it at number 19 in the Australian Singles Chart, and also made it to Top 30 in New Zealand and Top 100 in the UK.


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