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In March, 2009, Eads was voted as one of TV Guide's Sexiest Male Actors in the TV Guide's "Sexiest Stars" issue.

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Eads and co-star Jorja Fox were both briefly fired from the show in 2004 after they tried to hold out for more money from the network and studio.

Eads is one of only three stars who have been with"CSI" from the pilot.

Eads was not discouraged by this, however, and said that he was very appreciative of his fans calling him "sexy".

I've found it on the previous discussion over grelix livejournal (thanks to the anonymous who posted the link).

George Eads, one of "CSI's" last remaining original stars, will be taking a leave of absence from the CBS drama, has confirmed.

"George Eads will not appear in several episodes during the first half of the season.The article also mentions the blind items, George's appearance on Craig Ferguson ("I went into the closet. Is that Monika has nothing to do with George's real love life?I stayed there for a while but I had to come out eventually.") and Ellen (where George said that he and Ellen had A LOT in common) and how those clips keep being removed from the net. Eads got his big break on the primetime soap opera Savannah.Though his character died in the pilot episode, Eads was so popular, producers continued to use him via flashbacks and eventually brought him back as the character's identical twin.To pursue his acting career, he headed to Los Angeles, California, in a pickup truck borrowed from his stepfather.


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