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@malaysiainthecity makes me turn on Face Time so she can watch me all day so I'm good. Please don't forget to take care of yourself FIRST," she then added.

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“That’s life u gotta take the good with the bad and thank God for every min and every breath he blows into our lungs, erbody bsafe and have a merry xmas #God Is Good.” Went to sleep kinda down and woke up feeling better that's life u gotta take the good with the bad and thank God for every min and every breath he blows into our lungs , erbody bsafe and have a merry xmas #God Is Good A post shared by Lil Scrappy (@reallilscrappy) on If he went to sleep “kind of down,” that could be because it was just yesterday that shocking rumors surfaced regarding the pair’s relationship.

Apparently, Bambi decided to end things with her fiance because he refused to cut back on his playboy lifestyle, but instead of agreeing, he went to a Miami strip club and partied with a mystery blonde instead, according to. Of course, this message is a bit cryptic, so we can’t be certain that he’s referring to the breakup rumors, but it certainly seems that way. 23, Bambi also seemed to subtly allude to the reports herself by tweeting about how much she’s “learned” over the last year and slamming those who have “attacked” her publicly.

Neither reality star has addressed this situation directly, and along with her tweets, Bambi also posted a series of sexy pictures on Instagram.

Hmm, maybe she’s letting her man know what he’s missing?!

Stephanie Nicole Harp was arrested this morning for committing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The police report does not mention Bambi allegedly ordering the hit, but Erica insists she told cops all about it."Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Erica Pinkett was savagely attacked in a nightclub ...and Pinkett says she told police the hit was ordered by a jealous rival on the show. Pinkett was coming out of a bathroom in Atlanta's Taboo Club June 9 when a woman came up from behind her, hit her in the face and then threw her to the ground and slashed her arm with a razor blade.power couple, Bambi Benson, 30, and Lil Scrappy, 32!In fact, Lil Scrappy seemed to confirm the reports that the pair has broken up with an Instagram message on Dec. “Went to sleep kinda down and woke up feeling better,” he wrote.I've been beating myself up trying to take care of other people and finally got that dramatic reminder that I need to chill and take care of myself.


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