Who is bella dating eugenio siller dating

First, there was Sam's Snapchat grabbing a pic of Bella with some writing indicating that he thinks she is pretty.

Then, the second post showed Sam holding hands with an unidentified human being.

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Bella and Abel last vacationed together in Tokyo in Oct., so it’s still sad to discover their romance ended so suddenly.

This could be somewhat awkward when Bella and Abel both take the stage at the upcoming Victoria’s Secret runway show.

Dove is beautiful so it's not totally surprising that Bella has thought about her in this way.

The rumours began to swirl after a series of social media posts.

Then there was the time he tricked a guy into thinking he was watching his friend being murdered.

Erm, maybe not one to take home to your mum then Bella, eh?And finally, it seems Bella Thorne has liked one of his Instagram pictures.Now before you go buying a new hat for their wedding, we must remind you that this is unconfirmed, and more importantly, there's no way you would be invited to their wedding.While we haven't seen her in a relationship with another girl just yet, she revealed that she's actually thought about what it would be like to date Dove! There's no doubt that their exes would be super jealous! However, we must remember that Dove hasn't verbally confirmed that she's bisexual.We're not exactly sure if this question was prompted by Dove kissing a girl or if a fan just decided to ask Bella her opinion. She liked a few tweets that asked her if she was and kissed her friend. Here's to hoping that Dove gives us some answers super soon – and gives Bella a chance at what she may be looking for!We’re guessing these two will be cordial, since they both always seem to keep it classy and professional!

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