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PHOTOS: Stars and their stunt doubles Now that box office returns have multiplied exponentially, Johnson has his pick of plum projects.Up next, the hunky star will surprise audiences by singing (!!Secondly, they dropped the Creative Arts Agency (CAA) and joined WME.

It didn’t look like Dwayne Johnson,” Garcia explains of the star’s early tribulations in the movie business after transitioning from WWE to Hollywood permanently in 2003. Maybe, I’m too big.’” Normally weighing somewhere between 260 and 270 pounds, Johnson had dropped to an unusually low 230 pounds for 2007’s Disney caper , three key things happened.

Firstly, Johnson formally asked Garcia, a business and finance executive who had already been immersed in his work life for much of his career, to take over his management.

I always like making sure we find the balance and my home life is in there and Lauren Hashian is in there and my daughter is in there.

You gotta get the better half in there," Johnson instructed His family has helped Johnson navigate the ups and downs of Hollywood.

She co-wrote the song, “Only You” for hip-hop artist, Ya Boi Shad. Her other big claim to fame is that she was a finalist on the 2005 competition,, in the Boston area.

At the time, Dwayne was married to his first wife, Danny. Shortly afterward the split, Dwayne and Lauren reportedly started dating, leading some fans to wonder if he broke up his marriage for her. She supported The Rock when he discovered Paul Walker died.

Lauren was Dwayne’s rock when he found out about Paul Walker’s death.

He was driving with her when she got the news of his untimely death.

“She immediately turned very quiet and was looking at me, studying, wondering if I knew,” The Rock told The Hollywood Reporter. Are you excited for The Rock and Lauren’s reported baby, Hollywood Lifers?

When she told him, they said a prayer for Paul’s daughter and once they got home, they “started bawling.” 5. Though they’ve been together for almost ten years, Dwayne and Lauren have only walked a few red carpets together, reports They did appear side-by-side at the 2015 Academy Awards, but this couple prefers to keep their personal life private.

"I've lived with my longtime girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, going on, like, eight, nine years now," Johnson explained of the singer-songwriter he began dating after splitting from wife of 10 years, Dany Garcia, with whom he shares daughter Simone, 13.


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