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Sometimes, it’s metaphorical fairy dust, as the charity answers the wishes of children who are seriously (sometimes terminally) ill, lifting their spirits, distracting them from the pain of their treatment – even setting them on the path to recovery in some cases: 70 per cent of the children Starlight helps do indeed get better.‘Starlight gets many letters from parents who tell us: “Our child’s recovery started when he or she had their wish granted.” And for those who don’t recover – well, they have some joyful memories to look back on,’ observes Emma.

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Samms next starred in the series "Models Inc followed by series "Holby City," and a daytime BBC show "The Doctors," as well as TV movies and appearances on "Mike Hammer," "The Bill," "Murder, She Wrote," "Lois & Clark," and "Tales from the Crypt," among others.

In 2006, Samms again returned to "General Hospital" as Holly for a brief stint.

Because fairy dust is what the charity – founded in 1986 by Dynasty actress Emma Samms, this year’s Clarins Most Dynamisante Woman of the Year, awarded in association with YOU – sprinkles into thousands of children’s lives every year.

Sometimes, it’s genuine, sparkling fairy dust out of that box – wafted around while fulfilling the wish of a sick child who wants to be ‘a princess for a day’.

Samms' brother Jamie died at the age of 9 from aplastic anemia, and in response, Samms and her cousin Peter Samuelson founded the Starlight Children's Foundation in 1983.

This group helps sick children and their families through a variety of methods: entertainment, education, and activities geared toward families.(That recovery observation isn’t imagined: scientific studies have measured real increases in immune defences when sick individuals have positive, uplifting experiences.) It’s not unusual, of course, for celebrities to attach themselves to causes as a way of ‘giving back’.But Emma’s charity is rooted, poignantly, in personal experience: the loss of her eight-year-old brother Jamie when she was nine, through aplastic anaemia.During her run on "General Hospital," Holly was involved with leading male characters Luke Spencer and Robert Scorpio, eventually marrying Robert.She left the show in 1985 but continued to pop in from time to time when plot lines warranted. Samuelson in Willesden, London, England on August 28, 1960. Samuelson, was a pioneer in British cinema and founded Southall Studios, an early film studio in the United Kingdom.AKA Emma Samuelson Born: 28-Aug-1960Birthplace: London, England Gender: Female Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Nationality: England Executive summary: Fallon Carrington on Dynasty Brother: Jamie (d.

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