Who is heart evangelista dating now

We’re just enjoying each other’s company, but that’s just it for now,” the actress told News5 and Inter Aksyon backstage at Mall of Asia Arena during the Dolphy Alay Tawa tribute concert on Wednesday night.

She also claimed that her famous tweet last week about “missing her Chiz Curls” was about her favorite cheesy corn snack and not about the senator.

But she tried to qualify what exactly is going on between them. Heart declined to give any details for the meeting slash date.

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Afterwards, Sid said he was shocked that Heart admitted they dated and that he feels good he doesn't have to lie anymore. He added it just happened that both of them were sad at that time.

Sid laughingly added that he felt he was a liar when they denied their supposed "relationship" before. Heart just broke up with Daniel while Sid broke up with his ex-girlfriend Bea Lao.

Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford Photo by Manman Dejeto/Instagram/@nikkigil They dated for 5 years.

But in 2013, the showbiz world was surprised when their breakup was confirmed in 2013.

In an interview on in 2013, Billy said that he was lost and confused, and the breakup was his fault.

Now almost two years since the breakup, both have moved on with respective partners.After their breakup, Rayver started seeing Cristine Reyes, who at one point had a conflict with Sarah.Both Cristine and Sarah have since patched things up.She is proud to be good terms again with Marian Rivera, with whom she famously feuded on the set of “Temptation Island” last year. She is also very pleased about her friendship with her ex-boyfriend, TV5 hunk Daniel Matsunaga, whom she even met backstage during the Dolphy Alay Tawa concert. Sid Lucero was surprised when actress Heart Evangelista admitted to the press that they dated for a while after her breakup with Brapanese model Daniel Matsunaga. I will never lie." While she was answering questions, it can be noticed that Sid choked on his water.

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