Who is hunter hayes dating wdw

This evinces either a lack of respect for the viewer or a lack of inspiration on the production end. Just as likely, producers just decided to skip the storytelling and focus on the product details to save money, resulting in a less interesting commercial but one that still got the job done.

I have recently been working on several different theme tapes, despite the fact that I can't sell them on e Bay anymore because I don't own the copyrights on these ads.

There were tons of disco-influenced ads back in the day, so I included what I have.

well, like she's doing something for him that is not typically done on a dance floor (unless maybe some ecstasy tabs, dimmer lighting and a bigger crowd is involved). Upon first noting this, I thought that I simply had a dirty mind. Given the level of competence of the rest of the production, probably not.

Then I showed it to my friend Jim, who laughed so hard that I briefly wondered about the nearest defibrillator. Too much thinking involved in planting subliminal images.

I haven't tested this tape out on friends yet, but I predict it would inspire lots of laughs, even without "enhancement" of any sort.

(Oh, I'd recommend it, you understand, but let's call it optional.) Drop me a line if you have anything I might be interested in for trade, or if you're looking for something in particular.

If a commercial for the Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces puppet exists and you have it, call 911 and tell them you must speak to me immediately.

[As mentioned above, here's the latest addition to my mania: a painstakingly-researched-and-cataloged list of celebrities appearing in my collection, as best as I can ascertain.

Although they did throw in another odd detail: when the tag line is onto the screen at the end, the sentences appear upward; that is, the first line pops up, then the second line appears above it instead of below.(Why do I even notice these things?

) It would seem a deliberate decision was made to do it that way.

So maybe some thought, however facile, was actually put into constructing this after all. [1/29/12 add: Thanks to my new DVD drive, you can see it here yourself!

Okay, so I exaggerated about certain details--but I think I caught the essence pretty accurately.

She used to be an almost A list actress in both television and movies.


  1. She was completely turned off by him after doing it with him (he was left with a big wet stain on the front of his pants).

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