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And Melania can also enlist the help of her stepdaughter, Ivanka Trump, who has moved her family to Washington.

When asked in 1999, when her husband was seeking to run as the Reform Party candidate, Melania said she would want to be a “very traditional” first lady, like Jackie or Betty Ford, so the outfit was not altogether surprising.

Melania could also be channeling something less well-known about one of the most revered first ladies of all time — Jackie’s initial reluctance about becoming first lady, her fierce desire for her own personal privacy and the privacy of her children, and her refusal to allow tradition to dictate her life.

As an atheist, the extreme religion of the man she met in an Abuja hotel room in 2003 “scared the hell” out of her.

How could she, respectfully, reason with his belief that she is the embodiment of his sin and that, if he were to publicly acknowledge her, people would lose their faith in God?

The public is hungry for images of a happy family living in the “people’s house.” Photos of a smiling couple and their children are politically advantageous, and the inherent struggle between the personal and the public goes back to the very earliest first ladies (Martha Washington once told her niece that she felt "more like a state prisoner than anything else"), but Melania, like Jackie, seems to have no desire to simply give the people what they want, especially if it means pushing her child into the spotlight.

In an interview with magazine Melania said, “I am a full-time mom; that is my first job.

She refused to change her style and soon millions of American women were copying her.

It remains to be seen with our current first lady whether her willful approach will help her or hurt her.

The former modeling agent, Paolo Zampolli, who introduced her to Donald Trump at a 1998 party at New York’s Kit Kat Club, said Melania is taking the long view.

“The job of the first lady is not judged for the first 100 days.

“She was a player, not just as a consultant and an adviser to the governor, but she had an office right down the hall from mine.” Karen Pence could play the role for Melania that Lady Bird Johnson often played for Jackie.

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