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Just watching these adorable relaxing babies will have you mellowed out and looking for the perfect nap spot!

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide Nikki Pechet from visits TODAY with ingenious ways to clean important but often forgotten areas of your home this spring.

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Adele told the crowd she had no idea the proposal was going to happen, telling everyone, "That wasn't planned. " Inside Edition.com's Keleigh Nealon (https://twitter.com/Keleigh Nealon) has more. March 20th is UN World Happiness Day and as it has done for the past five years, the United Nations has ranked 155 countries based on their level of Happiness. Adorable Reason This Newborn Can't Stop Giggling A mom to a nine-month-old boy says her dog, Jeeves, and her son are best friends.

Katie Wahrhaftig, Brookfield, Illinois, adopted Jeeves, a Boxer, when she was five months pregnant.

NBC’s Indra Petersons reports from the Orange Room.

Smurfs Make a Big Political Statement Voice actors from the animated movie Smurfs join officials from the United Nations, Unicef and United Nations Foundation to celebrate International Day of Happiness with a campaign promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

She admits to being nervous about introducing the two but looks back and realizes it was a great decision.

She's since taught Jeeves to tickle her son's belly on command, resulting in adorable uncontrollable giggles.

In Oakland, California, arborists took down a tree’s rotting trunk and broken branches and carved a seat.

Inscribed on the trunk is the book’s final passage in black sharpie. How Much People Drink During March Madness During March Madness, many basketball fans ditch their diets by drinking more beer, eating more pizza and indulging desserts.

In 2011, she returned to television as a judge on the eighth season of The X Factor UK, and in 2013, became a judge on the third and final season of The X Factor USA.

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