Who is lee min ho dating 2016 wechat id facecale sex

It is still unconfirmed whether the idol with renew her contract with the agency or sign in another label.

who is lee min ho dating 2016-25

Only in Korea do idiotic rumors made up by zit faced keyboard warriors in their basements warrant official responses by agencies.

This is a one-sided moronic non-story only circulating in Korea and on kpop sites.

Dating rumors about the pair started when they were photographed during a clandestine date.

Bae Suzy and Sung Joon reportedly dated even before the star singer met Lee Min-ho.

We later heard directly from him that they are still meeting well.” JYP Entertainment also made it clear, “Suzy has clarified the truth with us.

She says that they are still dating.”Nevertheless, even on August 1, news reports about their break-up were published.

But why then was the silence maintained so long on their relationship status despite widespread break-up rumours?

Soompi quoted a source from MYM Entertainment, “Due to his busy schedule in K-Con 2016, Lee Min-ho was unable to confirm the truth.

“I like an open and cheerful girl,” he had told Cosmopolitan in 2014.


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