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The next year, Shia La Beouf was involved in an additional car-related incident, this one resulting in a DUI charge and a severe injury to La Beouf’s hand.

Since then the young star has been in a series of incidents involving strange, disorderly conduct in public places, including a disturbing public incident at Studio 54 during a performance of the music Cabaret.

The four Transformers films have grossed almost billion dollars total, and more films are planned.

The Odd Couple reminiscent show became massively popular and ran for several years.

During the program’s final year, La Beouf won an Emmy for his performance.

In one such exhibit, La Beouf invited audience members to do anything that they wanted to him while he sat motionless in a tuxedo with a paper bag on his head, sobbing.

In another, La Beouf filmed himself screaming pseudo-encouraging words at the camera in front of a green screen while tearing apart an imaginary pastry with his hands.

La Beouf was then found wandering around a Walgreens in Chicago in 2007, creating undisclosed problems for the store’s employees.

After refusing to leave, La Beouf was again arrested.

La Beouf starred as Sam Witwicky, a teenage boy who is, at first, the only human that the Autobots (the good guys) can trust in their war against the Decepticons (not so good guys).

The Autobots and Decepticons are robots from a distant planet blessed with the ability to change shape, and, in the hands of Bay and La Beouf, they made blockbuster entertainment.

The film was wildly successful with kids and families, and it catapulted La Beouf further into the public eye before his 18 birthday.

La Beouf would then take up supporting roles in a handful of major films: I, Robot, with Will Smith, Constantine, with Keanu Reeves, and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, with Robert Downey Jr.

La Beouf has also appeared in number of music videos, written graphic novels (which contained allegedly plagiarized material), given lectures on an art trend he calls “Metamodernism,” and participated in a number of performance art exhibits.

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