Workplace dating investigations

Eight years later, in’s 2011 Survey, the percentage increased to 59%.

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Workplace dating investigations

Workers in all types of jobs spend most of their waking moments at work, developing professional and personal relationships with their colleagues.

Often, co-workers share similar education and income levels, intellectual interests, and they commiserate over the same workplace stresses.

Note, however, that employers should be ready to articulate a business justification for such a transfer in order to lessen the chance of a discrimination claim.

At least one California appellate court has enforced an employer’s conflict of interest policy prohibiting supervisor-subordinate romances. App.4th 525, the Court found that a supervisor’s failure to notify his employer of a relationship in violation of the conflict of interest policy was not protected by the California Constitution or the Labor Code.

In addition, by having a policy prohibiting all workplace romances, employees may feel they must hide from and deceive their supervisors and co-workers.

This type of “us versus them” mentality is the last thing employers want to foster.

The Court found that the employer had a legitimate interest in avoiding the conflict of interest and that because the supervisor knew his relationship violated the applicable policy, he had a lower expectation of privacy.

Though the legal effect of love contracts is unclear in California courts, they may provide some protection to an employer should the workplace romance result in unwelcome behavior.

With work and tending to the children, you just don’t talk anymore. They end up spending a great deal of time, on occasion more time than they spend at home, with this new “friend” so the friendship can become very deep.

According to recent research, 46 percent of unfaithful wives and 62 percent of unfaithful husbands had affairs with someone at work.

Instead of confiding in you their deepest fears about work, they talk to their co-worker. It might take days, weeks, or even months, but your spouse slides from being “just” friends to becoming lovers.

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