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Co Tii EAL, I'^sq., a merchant of this city well known for his extensive erudition, particularly in languages, lie ought also to make mention of Mi-. Jewett, who, besides correcting many of the articles, and furnishing various additions, has carefully revised the whole work.

UPON THE BASIS OF skoane's edition of neuman and BAKETTI. ITKRATITRE IN COLUMBIA COLLEOE, NEW-VORK, AND COIUt ESPOMDl NO HEUBKR OF TIIK NATIONAL LN3TITUTK, WAáUINOTON. The Editor is anxious to disavow motives so mean and dishonorable, especially wheü convinced, as he is by experience, of the difficulties attending every step in the labors of a lexicographer — labors in which the highest excellence can be considered only as an approxi- mation to that standard of perfection which dwells in the mind of an author.

AND FROM THE ENGLISH DICTIONARIES OF V/EBSTER, WORCESTER, AND WALKER: WITH TUE ADDITION OF MOKE THAN EIGHT THOUSAND WORDS, IDIOMS, AND FAMILIAR PITRASES, THE IRREGULARITIES OF ALL THE VERBS, AND A GRAMMATICAL SYNOPSIS OF BOTH LANGUAGES. So far from wivhing to detract in the least from the works of his predecessors, tlie Editor is wi Uinw frankly to confess, that without their labors he should never, perhaps, have undertaken the task of the present publication ; and he considers it but just to say to them, in the words of the Spanish fabulist Iriarte — " Gracias al que nos trajo las gallinas." — Fab, xi L There are undoubtedly faults in the Spanish and English Dictionaries that have preceded the present work, but it is also true that they embody many excellencies : the Editor has endeavored to avail himself of the latter, while at the same time he has carefully corrected the former.

V UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH Jjarluigton -Memorial Library r'T) Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2009 with funding from University of Pittsburgh Library System OOvel SEOANE'S NEÜMAN AND BAKETTl— BY VELAZQUEZ. Entered^ according to Act of Congress, in the year 1852, by D.

Pl IONOUNCING DIGTIOXAll Y OF TIIK SPANISH AND ENGLISH LANGUAGES: FROM THE SPANISH DICTIONARIES OF THE SPANISH ACADEMY, TERREROS, AND SALVA. i XGLISII-SPANISH BY MARIANO VELAZQUEZ DE LA CADENA, PK0FK6^»R OK THE SPANISH LANOUAOK AND I. APPLETON & CO., In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York. ►■♦■♦ The public being ever tlie acknowledged judge of 'iteraiy pro^Juctions, it is but ji^st i Lal it should be furnished with the requisite information concerning the special utility claiine^i for a work in a department of letters already occupied ; but this obligation brings with i: the disagreeable task of detailing the improvements claimed to have been made, and oí exposing to view the deficiencies and erroi-s that have been supplied or corrected, — a task rendered still more painful to a sensitive mind, inasmuch as it involves the necessity oí seeming to exalt one's self at the expense of one's predecessors in the same career, and of endeavoring at the same time to diminish their merits and expose their faults.

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