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article about how dating apps have changed — and possibly eradicated — dating was filled with shock value.

People who use Tinder and other similar apps (think: swipe right) know that it can be used just for hooking up, but there are also plenty of couples who met via those apps.

" is the kind of mean slap that's hard to take back later.

The UK Dating Fair is organised by the DIPN – The Dating Industry Professionals Network. Our mission is to support and help singles looking for love find what they are looking for. Many people find it is a personally challenging experience and it need not be, and that is what we hope to alleviate. And how does one deal with all these new (negative) terms such as ghosting and benching that many people face?

Matchmaking, dating coaches and sites have been around for some time now, but since the rise in smartphones and apps, it has become more apparent that finding love today has become even more difficult, with everything up for negotiation and renegotiation. Why does it seem so difficult to meet someone you really like? The DIPN, Dating Industry Professionals Network, has taken upon itself to solve these issues.

Does the person you meet really want a relationship? We support single people looking for real, lasting and meaningful relationships.

That said, every fight need not be a bloody battle—here's how to keep it fair and civil. Use "I" statements (the right way) You've heard that "I" statements are the way to go: not "You always spend too much money! ) The "no biting" rule doesn't just apply to literal chomping or other forms of physical abuse. If an argument comes up, "stop doing whatever else you're doing," says Leatherdale. Forty-five minutes is ideal to recover physiologically, says Dr. "But don't use cooldowns to retreat completely from the fight; you have to promise to come back to it later." When arguments reach a boiling point, we react physiologically, with increased heart rate and blood pressure. Skip the silent treatment Surprise: Turning a cold shoulder accomplishes nothing.

After all, "this is the person whom it's easiest to hurt, so you have to be careful with his or her feelings for the sake of your relationship," says James Córdova, Ph D, a professor at Clark University and author of The Marriage Checkup. ", but "I get nervous about our financial situation when you spend without telling me." But too many couples use the "I" statement as a bludgeon, says Kim Leatherdale, a New Jersey–based couples counselor. No biting means no name-calling, and no making derogatory insults about your partner's character, says Dr. If you're upset that he leaves clothes on the floor, saying "You're such a pig! "The only thing he can do in response is defend himself by tossing an insult back. No third parties Complaining to friends and family about your partner's slights only "muddies the issues and leaves bad feelings," says Leatherdale. "When you're physiologically wound up, it's virtually impossible to fight productively or fairly," says Dr. "What you're doing there is expecting your partner to read your mind about what's wrong," says Leatherdale.

Here, 10 rules that ensure your blows hit above the belt. Fight early, fight often The idea is to get what's bugging you off your chest when it first bugs you, rather than saving up hurts and slights for some giant blowup every six months or so, says Dr. "You have to go beyond the complaint—'I hate when you come home late'—and add in a request, like, 'I feel nervous when you're out late; can you call when you're delayed? Sure, there are times you need a sounding board, but when you are actually in an argument with your partner, yelling something like, "Well, my friend Carol thinks you're wrong, too! You may think you're avoiding conflict, but you're only making things worse, creating something else to fight about. Agree to disagree sometimes You'll never resolve every argument, so sometimes it's best to give in for the sake of your relationship.

Leatherdale says a useful question to keep in mind is, "Do you want to be right, or do you want to be married?

You wouldn’t know that by the article as it was all about how many hook-ups occurred, how often, how quickly, and how easily. a consistent theme throughout the article had to do with the ease of the hook-ups, and how it was more often than not the men that dictated the extent of the hook-up: one-time, a continuing thing, or a relationship.

And the women have to go along with this hoping that maybe they can change a guy’s mind and make him want more than a hook-up.

And, to be fair, you shouldn't place all the blame on yourself, either. No below-the-belt remarks In the heat of battle, it can be tempting to say the things you know will twist the knife in further, says Leatherdale.


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  3. Also, some companies have independently confirmed that they've been contacted by federal investigators.

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