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Mediocre dishes and incompetent service can be improved upon, and with a restaurateur like Palumbino, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bowery Diner did just that.

But the whole concept of the place eluded me to an extent.

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Bu süreçte bizim için önemli olan, farklı amaçlar için kullandığımız Şer-Paz’ın bir ‘şirket’ olarak varlığını sürdürmesiydi; çünkü Şer-Paz’ın şirket yapısından, şirketleşme ile sanat üretimi arasındaki benzerlikleri kullanarak sanatçı rollerini tekrar üretmek için faydalanmak istiyoruz.

Nihayetinde her şirket gibi Şer-Paz’ın da hedefi, kendini büyütmek, görünür olabilmek ve ortaklarına kâr sağlamak.

Those delicious potato pancakes are served along two pieces of roasted duck breast ($24). An appetizer of Mac n’ Cheese ($9) incorporates bacon and broccoli into the mix but the result is a flavorless dud of a dish.

A fried calamari salad involved five or six pieces of average diner calamari served atop frisée ($9). The Béarnaise Burger, which obviously sounded awesome, lacked any discernable Béarnaise sauce, was greasy and left us completely unexcited ($16).

But how could a restaurant which had taken so long to open and been delayed for so many months neglect to adequately train their staff?

And what a huge staff it is: there must have been about 25 employees working the floor, with about 20 patrons eating in the restaurant.

Bu beş gün boyunca istediğiniz zaman gelip üretim bandımızda işçi, yönetici, reklamcı, sanatçı, izleyici gibi rolleri deneyimleyebilirsiniz.

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Nearly all of the servers we encountered seemed like they had never worked in restaurants before – which would be okay, had they been trained in the slightest.


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