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After a couple of weeks I noticed things coming up missing in my room and also noticed that my door has been tampered with even though I had installed s lock on it. AWESOME Just downloaded the app too both my phone and spare phone and it works. Caught the thieving SOB I am a renter in a home with other tenants. Settings are individually controlled remotely from your phone, when it's used as a monitor (viewer)...

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No compatibility issues with Android Jellybean OS and up. Brilliant having a choice between Google Drive and Dropbox for security video storage and sharing.

I've tried several other, "turn your phone into a security camera" apps, but this one is the top in its field.

CAMCOM Chat has many powerful features such as 1 on 1 private chat rooms, video and voice calls, administration panel to kick / ban unwanted users and integration support for Wordpress, Joomla and others.

The chat room interface design, size, colors, fonts, sounds and language are customizable.

For Mac users, Pocket Cam works with any Mac webcam applications including Face Time, i Chat/Messages, GTalk, Skype, and a MSN.

You can even record your i OS cam using desktop webcam recording software such as Quick Time Pro.

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