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We all must have been fertile around the same time. “We’re on the pill.” “I stopped taking it after your father’s death,” Mom said. “Habit.” “After school, Mom and Aunt Vicky, take Lee and Alicia down to your doctor and get them on birth control.” “Fine, Master,” Lee pouted. Her toes wiggled as she stared up at the ceiling, her hand rubbing on her stomach. It had been eight weeks since her last period, though you couldn’t tell she was pregnant with that flat stomach. “Well, we should find a way to pass the time.” “Oh, how, Sir? “Slaves, suck your master’s cock,” Melody moaned, sitting up, rubbing her thighs together. Wilson might freak out if she finds a little extra inside you,” Clint grin. Back then she was just opening her practice, only a few years older than us. My pussy aching, my sister and I licked the tip of his cock, swirling about his crown.

Melody, in her bra and panties, stretched out on the exam table, her blonde hair in a tight braid draped over her shoulder. Wilson.” My sister snorted a laughter as she sat on the exam chair beside my son. He looked good in his t-shirt stretched over his muscular body, his jeans fitting snug, his cock bulging the front. Bernice had been the OB/Gyn to Vicky and me since I was pregnant with Zoey. And if she walked in on Vicky and me sucking my son’s cock… He had relished his school learning that he was also dating Melody and had knocked both girls up. It was so dangerous, but it made everything so much more exciting. “Suck me.” “Yes, Sir,” my sister and I moaned in unison. I missed Clinton so much, but serving our son was the next best thing. I liked to tell him about all the naughty things his son made me do.

Thank god I was on the pill again and could enjoy my son in every way.


You’ll be spanked so hard if we’re discovered.” “So hard,” growled Clint, his hand tightening in my hair.

That he loved every second of my mouth loving his dick. I want you gagging on it, whore.” “Yes,” hissed Melody.

The whole harem was here, Mom and Zoey, Stefani and Ms. They had just made their announcement and Clint’s decision. “I researched it when we all first started.” “Well, that does simplify things,” Mom said. One day, you’ll have my child.” He reached out across the table, past Melody, to take my hand. I stared up at my strong son, loving the domination in his eyes. Our tongues danced over his cock, brushing, caressing each other.

” I protested as I sat at the dinner table with the rest of the family, Melody and Pam sitting on Clint’s right and left. “I thought like even second cousins was illegal.” “Really,” I nodded and pushed up my glasses. The exam table creaked more, the paper covering it, crinkling and tearing as Melody played with herself. I knew she watched us pleasure her brother, her man, her king.

Dad had come close to knocking up Aunt Vicky and Mom at the same time. “Shit,” I said, holding Pam, staring at nothing as my mind struggled to work. Officially, Lee and Melody were my cousins, their “father” a deadbeat who ran out on my Aunt Vicky while she was pregnant with Lee. “As much as I want you to lick me to orgasm, you filthy brat, we have a family meeting. Of course, she understood she had to follow the rules while living in my house, and I hoped she would never leave the harem. “People will gossip,” Stefani pointed out, the redhead sitting next to Zoey. Stefani’s family had disowned her for loving Zoey, but she lived with us now anyways.

Hiragawa, Pam’s mom, had her a month and a half later. I mean, I can knock up Pam, but Melody…” “I’m your cousin,” she said. “If it’s legal, then there are no problems.” “It’s all legal,” Alicia said, nodding her head. My sister moaned, cheeks hollowing as she sucked his cock. And then he ripped his cock out of my mouth and slammed it into Vicky’s. For a list of all the Incestuous Harem’s Chapters and other stories click here Comments are very welcome. Her two weeks abstaining from orgasms, her punishment for being a brat, was over. I would like all criticism, positive and negative, so long as it’s constructive, and feedback is very appreciated. “Yep,” Melody said, her blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders as she stepped back, brandishing the pregnant test. “Pink line makes me preggers.” “Holy shit,” I groaned. It was so hot saying it as my cock pumped in them, and then to hear them beg for my seed, to be knocked up by their brother or son or nephew… It’s only been two-and-a-half weeks.” “You must have knocked me up almost right away,” she grinned the nudged her shoulder into nine. Pretty certain yesterday, but I thought I’d wait to see if I woke up bleeding before using the test.” I grimaced. And then his cock popped out, so thick and hard, throbbing, needing to be serviced. My sister and I pressed our faces together, her cheek so smooth on mine. My pussy clenched at just the problems that would cause.

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