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It is mainly used today to resize video content in the video controller hardware in order to enlarge a given video or to watch it in full screen mode.

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The diaspora populations with Indian ancestry, as a result of emigration, are somewhat widespread most notably in the UAE, Southeast Asia, United Kingdom, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean, and Southern Europe.

Population estimates vary from a conservative 12 million to 20 million diaspora.

The Indian nationality consists of many regional ethno-linguistic groups, reflecting the rich and complex history of India.

India hosts all major ethnic groups found in the Indian Subcontinent.

Therefore, the video player draws its canvas using a solid color (we'll say green), and this color becomes a makeshift third dimension.

When all windows have been drawn, windows covering the video player will block out the green color.Other compositing window managers such as Compiz also use compositing.However, on a system with limited Open GL acceleration function, specifically the lack of an Open GL Framebuffer Object or pbuffer, the use of an Open GL environment like Xgl makes xv hardware accelerations impossible.To check whether a given X display server supports XVideo, one can use the utility program.Video playback programs that run under the X Window system, such as MPlayer, Myth TV or xine, typically have an option to enable XVideo output.This same process was also the only available option to render hardware accelerated video under Microsoft Windows XP and earlier, since its window management features were so deeply embedded into the operating system that accelerating them would have been impossible.


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