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the bigger and better we make these engines, the more expensive things get.

our current base engine is a 1.5UZ 4.6L assembly with a 10,000rpm capable rotating assembly.

A system too lean, DTC P0171 will mean the ECM is making a or rich correction.

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If there is any other diagrams you need for this car PM me.

Dude.must be some kind of fantastical cosmic event!!

Long term values affect injection duration in closed and open loop because they are used to calculate basic injection duration.

It is important to remember that the actual fuel trim will be the opposite of the DTC.

The most comprehensive and reliably accurate technical resource for the toyota 1UZ and 2UZ engine platforms, we are not only dedicated to the theory, design and custom development & modification of the latest high performance quad cam Toyota V8 engines, but the site also explores aspects of advanced engine physics and emerging engineering technology relevant to the further development of high performance engines in general.

The development platform for's own 4.6L engine (now v3.01) is looking for sponsors and support!

For example, excessively high fuel system pressure could cause the fuel trim to decrease beyond the parameter stored in the ECM.

A misfiring cylinder may cause the fuel trim to go rich.

Since I'm in the process of collecting parts for my swap, I thought I'd share this with everyone.

I love Toyota print manuals, I buy one every time I work on one.

Steve’s completely stock engine produced 573 horsepower to the wheels from a single Precision 6262 turbocharger running 12 psi of boost.


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