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Linkandzelda’s_mum – Thinking of the name Liquid Crystal and for supporting the project. zel – For helping me script and letting me use his hero back sprites from the old SG. (even though we have a new one for the next release.) shadowboy166 – Fixing the male, female sprites in oak intro. It’s a complete remake of the Original Pokémon Crystal game from the Game Boy Color.


Lead Developer & Owner: Linkandzelda Graphics Artist & Co-Owner: Synyster Zeikku Lead ASM Programmer: Jambo51 Lead Music Composer: Magnius Bug Testing & Quality Control: FIQ Temporary Map Creator: Ray Maverick Special Thanks Sometimes there’s a time when we can’t do everything ourselves and have to recruit help from external sources. Use the link below to Send A Message and we will add you to the list!

This is a list of people that we turned to for help and support during the course of development. Pokémon: Liquid Crystal is a ROM Hack developed for the Game Boy Advanced system using Fire Red V1.0 as the base ROM.

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Hello there everyone, and welcome to the Official Pokémon: Liquid Crystal forum thread.

Play through a new chapter in the story and unlock some of the deepest secrets.

Battle Trainers & Pokémon with Real Scenarios like Water, Sand and Grass!

Take part in a completely new story line on the never before seen Orange Islands region!

After the events of Johto & Kanto, Zane goes out of control in the Orange Islands.

After the first major release it quickly became popular and the demands rose for higher quality and faster development, so I decided to appoint Synyster_Zeikku as Co-Owner to work mainly on Graphical aspects of the game. Magnius: Using some of his excellent remixes and beta testing. Hackmew: For making excellent tools and helping, overcoming some limits and help with general situations. Blues003 – Pokemon lineups for Gym Leader rematches, Zane and Axel. Magnius – Latest orange islands original mixes & beta testing.

After 5 years of development as we enter 2013, we have a small team in place of dedicated ROM Hackers. megiddo – Help with music remixing and looping some music. Pokepal17: outdoor gym building, general help and solutions, Inserting the new worldmap and tiles, some johto remaps. Jorge Zero – Testing, music and battle backgrounds. Jambo51 – Responsible for pretty much all of the newest and greatest additions to LC 3.1. Diegoisawesome – general support, asm fixes and additions.

While playing Pokémon: Liquid Crystal you will experience the original main story from Pokémon Crystal, with additional events placed in and around it.


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