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Zi FM station manager Tendai Madondo also insisted they were compliant with the law.“We’re quite law abiding as we’ve some shows that are now playing over 90 percent local content such as the Xhale Block by Patience Musa and the Zi Experience.BAZ insists it has not been capacitated to monitor compliance.

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Contemporary musician Jah Prayzah said he was happy with the amount of airplay he was getting on air.“I feel we’re enjoying our fair share of radio play.

I don’t have any problems with what they’re doing because this is where most of our fans get to hear our music,” he said by phone from Harare last night.

That is wrong, they should play our music,” said Jeys.“Radio stations should play more local music and not just fulfil the legal requirement. This move in South Africa will enable local artistes to get more money from royalties,” Marabini said. Thank you to everybody who has been fighting this battle before us! #War Ready.”Music producer Don Laka, speaking to South Africa news channel e NCA, weighed in: “It’s so funny because we were actually gunning for 60 percent and when they (SABC) mentioned nine percent, I stopped talking.

Meanwhile, South African musicians have welcomed the 90 percent quota. It’s been such an emotional day that actually tears were running down my face.

The former Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo was assailed when he pushed through the 75 percent local content requirement, although he is now credited with spurring the rise of the “Urban Grooves/Zim-Dancehall” sound.

Now, Zimbabweans can choose from ZBC’s Spot FM, Power FM, Radio Zimbabwe and National FM; two commercial radio stations Star FM and Zi FM as well as two local radio stations Diamond FM in Mutare and YA FM in Zvishavane.

When asked why they did not opt for a Joomla, Wordpress or Dropla website he said, "we are bigger than that, our budget for the site was rather eye watering but we feel it was a price worth paying so we could give our listeners quality experience." Bulawayo24waits eagerly for the impressive Visions FM to launch and will keep you updated.

Bongani Ndlovu Chronicle Correspondent— RADIO stations in Zimbabwe are not implementing the 75 percent local content requirement on all music they play as mandated by the law, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) admitted yesterday.

“The law is the law and should be complied with and it’s a question of BAZ enforcing the law.“We’re acquiring monitoring equipment through the digitalisation project currently underway.

This will enable us to accurately measure the extent to which the radio stations are complying with the law.

“If there’s any aspect of non-compliance, then those broadcasters will be penalised.”The law imposes monetary penalties for non-compliance, but Muganyura says no-one has been penalised to date.

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